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Speedtrap DinerSpeedTrap Diner Is Cleveland’s Very Own 50s-Themed Diner

Posted in Cleveland| April 24, 2019, by Nikki Rhoades

There’s something magical about comfort food and an old-school attitude. Perhaps it’s the warmth that emanates from both, or maybe it’s the side serving of nostalgia that makes such an environment really memorable. Though retro environments are well sought after, there are few places near Cleveland that perfectly captures nostalgia and fun. Fortunately, locals don’t have to travel far for such an experience.

Located about 90 minutes outside of Cleveland is Woodville, a quaint village that's home to less than 2,200 residents. Despite its teeny population, this community is home to more charm than it can handle.
And the community is made even more vibrant, if you can imagine it, with the addition of one retro diner that people come from all over to visit.

The word "speed trap" is rarely associated with a good time, but SpeedTrap Diner is changing everything. It's located at the center of town at 310 E Main St., Woodville, and is said to be the diner for cool people (their slogan is actually "cool people eat here," and they're not wrong!).

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SpeedTrap Diner
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 13 reviews
 by Nathan Choler

We were on a road trip for a family vacation and I asked my wife to find a cool place along the route. This is where she came up with. To say my kids (3 & 6) loved it would be an understatement. Everything was so good. They have kids milkshakes to go with their meals and breakfast is served all day. The homies as they call them are their version of homestyle fries and are out of this world. Portions are also large, so sadly I didn't get to try out the pies they had on the menu, but those looked great also. I'm a pretty picky eater and I bet there were 15-20 items on the menu I would have eaten. Now on to the non-food side, the restaurant was decorated like a 50's style cafe which was very neat, it was the kind of place I remember going to as a kid that doesn't exist anymore. The place was clean and the staff was very nice. There's a strong chance we will make this restaurant a permanent stop of our trips east going forward. Can't recommend this place enough!!!

 by Brad M

My wife and I drove 2 1/2 hours today on a cruise in our 57 Chevy to the Speedtrap Diner for lunch. The atmosphere was really very cool. Our waitress and the owner both treated us like we were royalty. The food was awesome. We did not save room for dessert, so another cruise to the Speedtrap is in our near future.

 by Alyssa Gutierrez

Words cannot explain how pleased I am with this restaurant! I will be going back biweekly! Our server, Pamela, was the only server and got heckled when she didn't deserve it. She was a trooper, smiled through it all, and kicked A$$! She was beyond phenomenal!! Go check this place out and give Pamela all of your money! 🤣 She worked so hard she deserves it!

 by Jeff Booth

Popped in on a Sunday afternoon, We loved it, felt like family the minute we walked in. Fun decor, great friendly staff, awesome food, fun choices, (The wife was even thrilled with the fun restroom). We will make the trek from way out West in Sylvania to come here..(no speeding) Thanks!

 by Sadie Birukow
Yay Corona Time Delivery

My mom ordered Speedtrap when she saw on facebook that they delivered to Elmore. They arrived quickly and the food was delicious. Thank you, Speedtrap! Thank you very much for helping starving Corona Quarantine Victims! XD

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